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Benjamin Drung (bdrung)

May 31st, 2010 5 comments


Benjamin Drung

Benjamin Drung



Age: 1985 model
Location: Earth, Germany, Berlin, Spandau
IRC Nick: bdrung

How long have you used Linux and what was your first distro?
I had my first Linux contact in 2006. I gave Fedora Core, Kubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Ubuntu (sorted alphabetical) a try. After several hours I decided to stick to Ubuntu.

How long have you been using Ubuntu?
My first Ubuntu contact was 6.06 LTS “Dapper Drake”. Since Ubuntu 6.10 “Edgy Eft” I have been using Ubuntu as main system. That sums up to three and a half year.

When did you get involved with the MOTU team and how?
I dived into packaging after the Packaging Jam in Berlin on 2008-02-06. Daniel Holbach showed us the basic tools for packaging there. I began with fixing bugs and updating matplotlib, because I needed a feature of a newer version. Then I worked on packages, in which I was interested or which needed some love.

What helped you learn packaging and how Ubuntu teams work?
Learning by doing! Take a package and change small things. Then build and test it. Read the Debian Policy Manual and dig through the Ubuntu wiki. If you don’t find the answer, come to the Ubuntu IRC channels and ask there. We will answer your question or point you to the right wiki page.

What’s your favorite part of working with the MOTU?
My favourite part is the community. The community is always polite and helpful. You don’t get attacked by others and conflicts will be solved in a nice manner.

Any advice for people wanting to help out MOTU?
I have three advices:

  1. Don’t hesitate. Just start.
  2. Start with small steps. It’s easier to fix a bug, to update a package, or package a small application instead of beginning to package Eclipse from the scratch.
  3. Be patient. Getting packages sponsored can take some time, especially if the packages are new. The waiting time is mostly caused by a lack of manpower.

Are you involved with any local Linux/Ubuntu groups?
I belong to Ubuntu Berlin. I will give a talk on the LinuxTag 2010.

What are you going to focus on in Maverick and Maverick+1?
Besides maintaining a set of packages, I am going to work on getting Ubuntu comply to the units policy, which was accepted by the Technical Board some month ago. The remaining time will be used for sponsoring. I hope we can empty the sponsor queue at least once in the release cycle.

What do you do in your other spare time?
I am involved in my church. I am responsible for the audio engineering and play trumpet/cornet in two brass bands (of two churches). I am cycling a lot, because it’s a fast, cheap, and eco-friendly way to get from point A to B. Sometimes I fold very small Origami stars.

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